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Pastor Jerry Joubert

Pastor Jerry Joubert photo

Charles Brown

Pastor Charles Byrd

Penny Ammon

Ray Ammon

Pastor Bob Davidson

Rick McMillen

Pastor Don James

Pastor Roger Walter

Ms Fish

Jeff Newell

Natalie Smith

Kay Reed

Elder Gale Crosby

LAA Bells & Eddy Darisme

Grant Agadjanian

Pastor V.J. Puccinelli

Dick Duerksen

Pastor Dave Allen

Pastor Stan Beerman

Pastor V. J. Puccinelli

Mark Anthony

Talia Clayborne

Jerry Joubert

Tsikirai Family

Darold Bigger

Roseanna Miller

Josiah Hackerott

Pastor David Ballard

Elder John Silvestri

Young Adults

Pastor Gerald Babanezhad

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Keith Bowman

Paul Volk

Jaime Jorge

Elder Keith Zaugg

LAA Students

Elder Dan Linrud

Tom Rogers

Keith Zaugg

Michael Calcagno

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Karishma Prakash

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Pastor Lynn Bryson

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Cheri Gatton

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Elder Rick McMillen

Pastor Leon Ringering

Trent Larson

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Jon Dikerson

Pastor Jac Colon

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Charles Walker

Charles Walker photo

Samuel Wang

Pastor Louis Torres

Pastor Louis Torres photo

Pastor Pat and Tami Milligan

Elder Jim John

Tami Milligan

Pastor Dennis Harwood

Jared Montgomery

Phil Brewer

Elder Phil Kohfeld

Dr. Thomas Jackson

Mary Grace

Mary Grace photo

Lloyd Herr

Jon Rosevear


Pastor Jerry Joubert - There are No Atheists in Foxholes (Aug 17th, 2019)
Charles Brown - Peace Making, It's All about Jesus (Aug 10th, 2019)
Pastor Jerry Joubert - How Do I Find the "Click" (Jul 27th, 2019)
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Rick McMillen - Great Dissappointment or a Rich Blessing (Jun 29th 2013)

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