McMinnville Seventh-day Adventist Church


A Mother's Wish

For me, May is not only the month of Mother’s Day; it is the month my mother gave birth to me. So it is special, and brings back warm memories of a mother’s hugs, sacrificial love, and courageous advocacy for her sometimes ungrateful son. What a mother!

If you asked your mother what her Mother’s Day wish would be, what would she say? Here is what I think my mother would say:

  • Just say Thank You. That’s all, just Thank You. I know that you can never repay what I have given you, so I don’t expect you to match my love for you. To receive gratitude makes all the sacrifice, missed dinners, messy rooms, long worrying nights, and missing items from the refrigerator, worthwhile.
  • Just spend time with me. Time to talk, to reminisce about the past, and to share with me your plans for the future. If that is not possible, then send me a note, a text, or a call. You don’t have to take me to an expensive restaurant, although going to my favorite little coffee house for a piece of cheesecake would be very special – just the two of us.
  • Just send me flowers, not expensive gifts of gold or silver. Just my favorite flowers, with a card from you. It doesn’t even have to be a bought card. I actually prefer a homemade one in your very own handwriting that tells me how much you love me. And if you are far away, then don’t forget to add a photo of you, too. It’s something I can put up on my fridge to look at every day until next Mother’s Day.
  • Just tell me that you love the Lord, and how important He is in your life. That will give me the assurance that all my labor was not in vain, and that I will see you in heaven and hear from His lips, “Well done.”
- Pastor Jerry Joubert